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Cole's Words

Nicholas (Cole) Barnes earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Southern Oregon University. He is currently working as an editor in Portland, and enjoys music, museums, movie theaters, and rain. His least favorite season is summer. His favorite soda is RC Cola.


Published Poems

"Lake Poem"
"Lithia #4"
"Poem at Five"
BEATIFIC / Spring 2021 / Volume 1 / Issue 2

Something Involving A Mailbox! / Issue 8

"Green Flash"
Bridge: The Bluffton University Literary Journal / Spring 2022

"better med"
Barzakh / Winter 2022 / Issue 14

Mortal Mag

"cosmic filaments are like Earthly oceans:"
"emery bored"
Platform Review / Winter 2022


The Bluebird Word


"au revoir"
Scapegoat Review / Fall 2022

"rambling drive"
300 Days of Sun / Volume 2 / Issue 3

"dearly departed"
Literary Veganism

Mixed Mag

"river rat"
Clementine Unbound

"Highway 62"
Juste Milieu

"james john"
Hive Avenue Literary Journal / Volume 5

"A child said 'What is the grass?'"

Divot: A Journal of Poetry / Issue 3

Primeval Monster


Open Minds Quarterly / Volume 24 / Issue 2

"naomi is"

"Little Cole"
oddball magazine

"paradise lost"
Mobius: The Journal of Social Change


Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal / Volume 2 / Issue 2

"Levi's Stadium"

"beach street"
NonBinary Review / Issue 29

"columbia ave"
New Feathers Anthology


"Please Don't Bury Me"
Rabble Review / Number 4

"Clima mortis"
SHIFT: A Publication of MTSU Write / Volume 5

Quibble / Issue 4

"stacy, 2:30 a.m."
Querencia Press / Autumn 2022

Spit Poet Zine / Volume 12

"don't take my word for it [bad advice]"

"vermont poem [pluviophile]"
Eclectica Magazine

"eat me"
Marrow Magazine

"8th grade funeral"
The Phoenix / Issue 64

"wild years"
"fairy tale"

"Crazy Diamond"

"buck shot"
Bear Creek Gazette

"until next time, buddy"
Sage Cigarettes

"lan su gardens"
The Cloudscent Journal / Issue 2

Changing Skies / Volume 2

"gone fishing"
"poet kills bird"
"everyone you know someday will die"
The Ana

"shyness can stop you"
The Headlight Review

"meghan's good year"
Devastation Baby

"Emil Britt, 1862" [forthcoming]
Footnote: A Literary Journal of History

Brimstone & Venus Literary

"i found you on page 60"
Hot Pot Magazine / Issue 1

Chinchilla Lit / Issue 2

"put a laurel wreath around my neck"
Roi Fainéant Press

"damaged parts, no warranty"
"maison de rêve"

Misfit Magazine / Issue 36

"ruth's black eye shines brighter than any streetlight in the city"
Revolver Lit Mag

Progenitor Art & Literary Journal / Volume 58

"you are"
BULLSHIT LIT / Anthology 02

Compass Rose Literary Journal

Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal / Volume 3 / Issue 1

Rathalla Review / Spring 2023

"12:13 am"
Salmon Creek Journal / Issue 24

"june watches ballgames in heaven"
Pamplemousse / Spring 2023

miniskirt magazine / Issue 20

"i wrote your name at the top of the neues rathaus"
Fish Barrel Review / Issue 6

"thursday odyssey"
Crab Apple Literary / Volume 1 / Issue 2

"three caps, three stems"
Brushfire Literature and Arts Journal / Edition 75 / Volume 2

"bloody town"
"charon's obol"

The Parliament Literary Journal / Issue 10

"joan of arc & michelangelo"
Tap into Poetry / Issue 4

"don't drop out [a link wray 45]"
New Note Poetry / Summer 2023

"a sudden shift in glasnost"
RockPaperPoem / Issue 6

"draft #1 looked like pennsylvania"
"that'd be nice"
"dying unicorn"
Juste Literary

"greener pastures"
Hot Pot Magazine / Issue 7

"now i know why tom & huck staged their own funerals"
Gold Man Review / Issue 13

"roll on tanner creek"

"11.6 pounds"
"if i had a milwaukee vibrator"
O:JA&L; Open: Journal of Arts & Letters

"oakland 2011"
Meniscus / Volume 11 / Issue 2

Panoply / Issue 25

"nature boy"

"we held hands"
Eclectica Magazine / Volume 27 / Number 4

"j. dean boys"
"their souls could've lifted so high"


"tout à moi" [forthcoming]
The Spotlong Review

"painting hands" [forthcoming]
Cola Literary Review

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